Changing Jurisdictions In A Defamation Lawsuit

Supreme Court of the United StatesSome lawsuits are over in the blink of an eye; others take eons. The long ones usually drag on forever because the attorneys file a slew of motions before the trial can begin. In many cases a change of jurisdiction request, if it can be reasonable argued, is usually one of those motions. Such is the case with two defamation lawsuits currently making their way through the judicial system.

Casey Anthony Change Of Jurisdiction Request In Defamation Lawsuit

Casey Anthony’s time in court did not end with her criminal acquittal. The Florida resident is now battling defamation charges brought forward by Zenaida Gonzalez — the caretaker who Anthony blamed for several days. Lawyers for Anthony say that the “local media refuses to move on,” and are arguing that their client “won’t get an impartial jury.” As such, they have filed a change of venue request.

Beef Products Inc. Change Of Jurisdiction Request In Defamation Lawsuit

Beef Products Inc. is suing ABC for defamation for $1.2 billion. The meat processing company is none too thrilled with the media outlet for dubbing one of their products “pink slime.” Defamation law dictates that the plaintiff must be harmed in some way to be compensated for a libelous or slanderous statement. In this case, Beef Products Inc. is arguing that the label of “pink slim,” in conjunction with the report, led consumers to believe that their product was unsafe, which led to decreased sales.

One of the first legal maneuvers in this case was made by the defense, ABC. Since the parties involved hail from different states, the defense counsel filed a motion to have the suit moved from circuit court to federal court. Due to the high damages ask, the judge may see fit to grant the change of venue.

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